Eat in Rome

In big (touristic) cities like Rome it is not always so easy to find good places to eat…at least if you are looking for vegetarian food. This time we were lucky: we spent three days at Rome and every single day we found a nice, local place to eat in.  The first place we came across was MIA Market in Via Marche 29. It is a tiny shop and restaurant selling locally produced vegetables and food. It is not only a vegetarian place, but they had a good selection of vegetarian food as well. And the place was just lovely – decorated with really personal touch.
In the evening we wondered in the area of Piazza Navona and found colorful terrace of a small restaurant called Il desiderio preso per la coda in Vicolo della Palomba 23. The place was charming also from inside, but the evening breeze was so delightful that we decided to eat outside. The service was just excellent – the best we ever received at Rome! And on their menu there was a couple of vegetarian dishes as well…so at the end, the next evening we ended up eating in the same place again. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from inside, but on their web page you can see how cosy it really is. During the walk back to our hotel we passed a place called Ginger that looked tempting and next day we decided to have lunch there. I often avoid places close to some big tourist attraction such as the Spanish Steps, but this time all my prejudices were proved wrong. Ginger was a fresh acquaintance in all senses: the atmosphere was pure and fresh as well as the juices and salads on their list. We fell in love with their smoothies with açai-berries and ended up dropping by on the evening as well and found out that the takeaway prices are much cheaper (takeaway smoothie 5 €). On our last day we wanted to get to know the modern Rome and visited the Maxxi museum designed by Zaha Hadid. A successful museum visit, in my opinion, is formed by an inspiring milieu, a nice caffe (with good coffee) and a tempting museum shop – beside interesting exhibitions. The visit at Maxxi was a first class visit even though we were hungry too early. We needed some food before the actual restaurant opened its doors and so were forced to eat in the café, where the selection of food covers only some sandwiches and salads. The nice interiors and well functioning air conditioning compensated the little bit dull taste of the food. Tough their coffee and fruit salads were both just excellent!

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