Everyday discoveries

From 6th until 16th of September the old power and gas plant of Suvilahti was turned into a design centre representing everyday design from 23 different countries. Everyday Discoveries – international design house exhibition brought together acknowledged design icons with everyday utensils and fresh new ideas.

The exhibition architecture designed by Aalto and Aalto was dominated by colorful shipping containers – outdoors the actual containers and indoors their reproductions. From inside the containers you could find little exhibition rooms, a Sis Deli’s pop-up-café and Design Forum Finland’s pop-up-shop.

Among the design icons were the Fiskars scissors. Do you know the story behind their orange color? It was created by accident. The original prototypes where black, green and carmine red, but as there was some orange color left in the machine a fourth prototype was done. In the voting about the best color, orange won against black with the result 9-7. Now the orange color is Fiskars trademark.The exhibition was suitable for children too – which is great! Inside there was an American playground to play in and some places to read international children’s books plus a place to color, but especially stimulating was the area outdoors: the bright colored containers, wooden structures to play with, backyard kitchen garden and all that space in between to run around. In some containers there was room for improvement, but the main pity with the exhibition was that it lasted so little. 


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