Stockholm vol.I: In search of steak tartare

Stockholm, a beautiful city, that you can approach from many different point of views. When my sister and I visited the city we had two different approaches: mine was more aesthetic and hers more culinary.

We stayed in great design hotel in Östermalm called Story. It pleased both of us: personal interiors, excellent breakfast and tasty mojitos (16€ each!). From there it was easy to walk everywhere or catch the red line of the underground. Östermalm is fancy and trendy neighborhood, but really expensive one and a bit too posh for my taste. The more relaxed Södermalm attracts me more, especially the lively streets of SoFo (area South of Folkungagatan). There you can find flea markets and vintage stores, clothing stores and boutiques, cafes and restaurants, antique and design stores… On Saturday there was also an ecological food and flower market on Katarina Bangatan offering chanterelles in big plastic bags and smelly cheeses.

After walking around for several hours we got hungry…and the epicure started to dream of a steak tartare she had seen in an article. So we walked several blocks to find the right place called Nytorget Urban Deli – in wrong direction. I was willing to go some other place, but soon I realised it would be better to look for the steak. And finally we found the right place: a charming cafe-bar-restaurant-deli packed of people enjoying good food and wine. The only bad thing was that we arrived around 4pm and the kitchen had just closed to be opened again only at 5pm. Anyhow we decided to wait – which was an excellent decision! We sat down and took a glass of wine and shared a plate of cheeses (the best one I have ever eaten). We ordered everything in our bad Swedish, which led into a couple of misunderstandings, but the personal was so friendly and always taking the blame, even though it was crystal clear that the blame was ours. At the end we spent three hours in the restaurant. My sister ate the steak tartare she was so obsessed with – and was not disappointed. I enjoyed a great vegetarian plate and as a dessert we split “Chocolate in oven” (and not hot chocolate as we ordered it), which was a perfect ending for a tasty dinner!


  1. Beautiful pictures and article!:) I love it!

  2. Thank you! There is more to come.

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