Stockholm vol. II: Photos, food and flowers

Sunday morning we started the day in the museum of photography, Fotografiska museet. If we would have arrived a bit earlier, we could have even joined a yoga class. The museum was opened to public a couple of years ago in an old warehouse in the harbor. On the top floor there is a cafe with marvelous views to Gamla stan, Skeppsholmen and Djurgården. And if you are lucky enough, you´ll find a vacant seat on a comfortable sofa right in front of the panoramic window where to lie lazy with a caffe latte in your hand. The exhibitions of Christer Strömholm and Sally Mann were both interesting and inspiring: I loved Strömholm’s series of pictures of his transsexual friends in Paris, Your Friends at the Place Blanche (1959-1968),  and Sally Manns photos of her children expressing well the simultaneous tenderness and ferocity in kids.

After the visit to museum we head to Djurgården to enjoy the great weather and the beautiful landscape – and again to find a nice cafe-restaurant that the epicure had in her mind. Anew, good food went hand in hand with beautiful milieu. The place my sister had found was Rosendals Trädgård, an open garden presenting biodynamic garden cultivation and organic food. In the charming old glasshouses there is a café and bakery and a little garden shop. As the weather was sunny and warm, there were many people there – families with small children, couples in love, dog walkers and us. We could have spent hours in the garden admiring the autumn light, but unfortunately our great urban weekend escape was about to finnish.

Thank you sis, it was a wonderful birthday gift!

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