When it rains in Helsinki there is a place to go before heading for home – Théhuone. This charming tearoom is owned by two lovely sisters, Nina and Nea. Since 2005 they have been offering us their guidance in the wonderful and immense world of tea. They not only run the store, but they also import all the tea sold in it. Today the shop covers around 300 different tastes of tea: black, green, white, herbal and chai teas for every taste.

My personal favorites keep on changing. During the summer I like more flowery green teas such as Sencha 8 or goji berry tea, but now, as the days are colder and shorter I prefer Tamarind tea, which is a green tea sweetened by dates. And last winter I went nuts for Mithi Chai – I must have bought it more than six times until it unfortunately ran out from the store for a while. This time I decided to try green champagne tea – let see if it is going to be my next favorite. And yes, even though I love good coffee, it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t appreciate tea as well.


  1. Bee

    Awesome! Do you have any suggestions for other things to do or places to be if you only have a few hours in Helsinki?

    • Hi Bee! And sorry for my late response. There are so many great places in Helsinki that it is hard to pick up just few. In generally the district of Kallio is a great bohemian area with nice cafes (Sävy and Good Life coffee) and small vintage and design shops.
      In the city center I truly like the museum of contemporary art Kiasma (great lunch as well!) and from the Atelje Bar of Hotel Torni you can see the whole Helsinki at once while sipping a really expensive but good cocktail.

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