Childhood memories

This series of pictures was taken a couple of weeks ago for a photography course that I’m attending. The theme was My neighborhood, and I immediately imagined the old corners where I played as a child. I used to live in an area close to the city center called Katajanokka. The so-called “new part” of Katajanokka was built in between 1979 and 1983 and carried out on the “mixed-use principle”, which means that around 40 % of the apartments are on hire and people with different socio-economic backgrounds live all together. In those red brick buildings with big yards I spent the first 10 years of my life.

I found some old photos, and with those in my hand I went back to see my old neighborhoods. Everything looked almost the same, only the old slings and slides where either taken down or replaced by new ones. But the biggest change was the silence surrounding me. The only children that I saw, where the ones in my own old pictures.


  1. LeenaR

    Nää on hienoja, ja sut kyllä tunnistaa etenkin tosta hiekkalaatikolta 😉

  2. Nää kuvat lämmitti mun iltaa, kiitos!

  3. Carlos

    Are those the Supposet sisters?

    • No Supposet sisters in these pics, just me and my sis and other kids. I think the Supponen family had already left the country. 😉 But I do have plenty of other photos with the Supposet sisters.

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