Love for toys


I know, another article in a row regarding toys, but I just ran into a new toy store in Helsinki called Nallerina (please note that the shop at Annankatu is closed now, but the shop functions still at Suomenlinna and online 25.4.2014). The shop was opened two weeks ago in Annankatu 13, and again it was the charming shop window that caught my eye. Then I recognized the owner, Petra, from Suomenlinna Toy Museum, a must-see attraction in Suomenlinna maritime fortress. The Toy Museum is based on the collections of Petra’s mother Piippa Tandefelt and it was opened to public in 1985. Nallerina is actually a museum shop, and they both share the same love and appreciation for good old fashioned toys.

When I was a child, I had five dollhouses (yes I really had 5 of them) and the toy museum was like a heaven on earth to me. In reality, I have never outgrew of toys. Old fashioned tin toys still decorate my home and the five doll houses still occupy a whole cupboard in my parents house.

Nallerina_3 Nallerina_4 Nallerina_5Teddy friends


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