Gran Delicato café

Gran Delicato is one of the best cafés in Helsinki, and there are several reasons for it. The first reason is the high quality coffee they have (rather strong one though – beware of that), which for me would be a reason enough. But in addition they have the very best ciabatta in town; the ciabatta number 10 with graviera cheese is just delicious! And above all, I feel like home when the owner of the place, in Gran Delicato mr. Babunakis, salutes me friendly and remembers how I like my coffee.

Gran Delicato is located in Kalevankatu 34, in a building that dates back to the 1860s and the cosy interiors are decorated in Greek style. Originally it used to be the house of A. J. Renholm, a merchant of the time. The block of buildings is called Käki, cuckoo, as all the blocks where given names of different animals after the big fire of Helsinki in 1808. The proposal to name all the blocks came from Johan Albrecht Ehrenström, the man who made the new city plan for Helsinki’s reconstruction. Last block names were given in yearly 20th century, but still you can find pictures of animals like unicorns, porpoises and reindeers in the street sings in the centre of Helsinki.

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