Icy sports

Pikkukoski is a great place to experience Finnish winter; at the same time you can see ice climbing and ice swimming. Who is crazier than who, is up to you. So far I have only tried ice swimming, and I can truly recommend it to everyone! It takes your breath away, but the sensation after dipping yourself into the icy water, is so relaxing that you want to do it again.
ice swimming ice swimming ice swimming and climbing



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  2. This is so awesome, and makes me so cold just looking at these pics.

  3. kirisyko

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  4. Giulia

    Er. From your description ice swimming sounds interesting. Do you (better, does the average lazy Italian girl not-endowed-with-a-steel-heart) need a medical check up before doing that???
    I know it sounds silly, but when we see such Northern pastimes on tv the first argument always goes “Hell, Dad couldn’t dive in like that, you need a strong heart for that!”

    • Hi Giulia! Thank you for your comments! I do recommend to try ice swimming once. If you have serious heart problems (I doubt that) then I would skip, but other wice go for it girl!

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