Nice People

Last week I spent a couple of days in Nice la Belle, in the city that is known as the resort for the upper class people. I don’t care for big boats, expensive shops and fancy restaurants. What attracted me the most were the locals (and yes, the sunny weather, + 27 celcius and no snow in sight). I asked from several people if I could take a picture of them. All the young ones agreed and older ones kindly rejected my offer. Here are some of the pics:Nice people

“Je ne suis pas photogénique?” – Vice versa, I would say! This workman couldn’t believe that I wanted to take a photo of him.Nice people Nice people

These culturel guys had a great place to hang out; they stayed by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Nice people“I’m not smoking” The cool pose while smoking and leaning to the car turned into the sweetest pose ever.Nice peopleCuriosity won! At first these cute kids decided to cycle away, but finally they turned their heads and stared to the camera


  1. Giulia

    Lovely lovely pics!! 🙂 Leena, you always manage to capture a reflection of people’s personality and beauty and to offer it to the viewer. It’s your curiosity, your eye for beauty and your view of the world all melted into the lens.
    Indeed, photography steals souls!!

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