Urban culture at Kalasatama

Abandoned old harbour are in the center of Helsinki called Kalasatama (in English “fish harbour”) is the cradle for new urban culture in Helsinki. The area houses an urban garden supervised by an association called Dodo, that offers the gardening bags in use for the citizens. The colourful graffiti wall gives an urban outlook to the area and makes a charming contrast to the growing potatoes and salads. At the far end of the district you find a true oasis, the container café Ihana (means “lovely” in Finnish). If you are lucky enough, you can have a nap in one of the two hammocks in the breeze of the sea wind. The café has also a great selections of coffee, cakes, board games to borrow and toys and sweets to buy. I took a delicious vegan chili-chocolate-cake together with a cup of tasty cafe latte (ice melts in the container, so no ice-lattes on the menu).  It was just lovely to sit down, watch the view and feel the sea wind in my face.
Kalasatama urban gardening Kalasatama graffiti wall Kalasatama, Ihana café Kalasatama, hammocksKalasatama Ihana café Kalasatama, Ihana café in a container



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