Alvar Aalto’s furnitures last for the 2ndCycle

Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto (1989–1976) died almost 40 years ago, but his heritage is still very much alive. This year Aalto’s world famous stool 60 turned 80 years and Alvar Aalto museum at Jyväskylä celebrates the anniversary with Stool makes history exhibition. Alvar Aalto together with carpenter Korhonen invented a new way to curve massive wood, which became his trademark. Still today it is easy to recognize an original stool 60 from a copy by its weight and the cuttings in the curved legs. These practical, easy to pile up stools have become Finnish classics that last for years and years.

In fact, a couple of years ago Artek (founded by Aalto together with his wife Aino, Maire Gullichsen and Nils-Gustav Halh already in 1935) opened a new, vintage store called Artek 2nd Cycle in the heart of Helsinki. I visited the store for work and fell in love. You can find true treasures there: stool 60’s with beautifully worn paintings, old children chairs designed by Aalto… Even though you couldn’t afford to buy anything, you can be inspired by the place and on the other hand high quality design is a good investment, as it never looses its value.

Artek 2ndCycle Artek 2ndCycle Alvar Aalto's classic: Stool60 Aalto's stools 60 in a pile

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