Finnish cottage life

Tervetuloa - Welcome

Tervetuloa – Welcome to a Finnish summer cottage; to a simple life in the countryside without running water. Our summer cottage, mökki in Finnish, is over 50 years old, a traditional small log house accompanied by a separate sauna building located two steps from the lake. The luxuries we have are clean water, silence, wild blueberry fields in the garden, gentle steam of wooden heated sauna, coffee breaks in the sun and a private, 6 meters long sand beach. And yes, we do have electricity and internet access.

What I love the most is to wake up at 4 o’clock to go out to the beach to watch the sun rise – and then return back to bed.

Cottage life, coffee break Cottage, rowing boat Cottage, sauna cottage life Cottage life, lake and sauna


One comment

  1. Very beautiful! I do not have summer cottage, but my friend have:

    Finnish summer cottage / Casa de campo finlandesa / Chalet d’été finlandais

    Have a great day!

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