Back to the Futuro!

My two year-old declared one day that he wants go to Futuro. I was amazed as we visited this flying saucer like building from 1968 last summer, when he hadn’t even turned two yet. But after a short discussion on subject, he was jumping of enthusiasm to see again this yellow elliptical in shape building designed by my granduncle Matti Suuronen (1933–2013).

So last Sunday we headed to exhibition centre Weegee in Espoo, Tapiola. The building designed by architect Aarno Ruusuvuori originally housed Weilin & Göös printing company, but was transformed into an exhibition centre in 2006. Our favorite spots are Espoo Museum of Modern Art Emma, Finnish Toy Museum and Sis. Deli & Café – and of course the first ever mass-produced Futuro house (no. 001) in the garden. To keep the balance we started from Futuro, then went through the art section to finnish the tour running and sliding wildly in the toy museum. After that some food at the Café to doze off in the buggy so that us, the parents, can have a nice and calm coffee break!Weegee, Sis. Deli & Café Futuro Futuro Weegee, toy museum

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