Silo 468 – enlightened old oil silo

When I was a child and lived in Katajanokka, big white oil silos where standing on Kruunuvuorenranta, at the other side of the seashore. Back then they were still in use, but today there is just one left, the Silo 468, and when it gets dark it starts to shine – first in white and after midnight in red. Last year the silo was turned into a light artwork by Tapio Rosenius from Lighting Design Collective. Today it’s cover has 2012 holes that are illuminated by led lamps.

Today Silo 468 was open to public for the final time this year and just a bit before the closing time we managed to get there. It was pitch dark and without a tripod it was hard to get any decent pictures, but it was a truly unforgettable experience. What made the biggest impact on me, was the sound inside the silo – the incredible echo. I could hear my three year old shouting “mummy”, repeated afterwards several times by the echo. The most beautiful sound was formed by three women who sang or hummed in a peaceful way.




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