The idyllic Wooden Käpylä

Wood, Finland is known for wood. Our country is wide and we are just a few people to live in here, so almost 80 % of the surface area is covered by forests. In the countryside wood is still today a typical construction material but in Helsinki you can find just a couple of areas with wooden houses – and I’m happy to live in one of them!

Well to be honest, I live in Käpylä yes, but in The Olympic Village, area constructed for the Olympic Games of 1940 (canceled due to the Word War II). But my daily buggy walks often go through these gorgeous colorful wooden houses built in the 1920’s. The area is called Wooden Käpylä (Puu-Käpylä), and my grand mum used to live in the area when she was a child. What is great, is that to live in one of the cute wooden houses you don’t necessary have to be rich, as part of the houses are rented by the City of Helsinki.

Wooden Käpylä Wooden Käpylä Wooden KäpyläWooden KäpyläOlympic Village

The Olympic Village built in the end of 1930’s
Olympic Village



  1. What a beautiful neighborhood! For us (that came from tropical countries) wooden houses are so different and unique! I had the luck to spend Christmas time in a house like this, in Hauho 🙂 Nice pictures, great blog!

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