Streat Helsinki fills the streets


For two days the Tori Quarters and the Market Square were turned into a venue for Streat Helsinki street food festival organised for the very first time in March 20 and 21, 2014. Also our caravan (two buggies) head to the place yesterday to enjoy tasty street food and the gorgeous spring weather… and we certainly were not the only ones. By the huge amount of people you could easily conclude that this kind of event was very welcome, and should definitely be reorganised again. Even though there were over 30 different vans, trucks and tents selling all kind of food from falafels to fish & chips and waffles to oysters the queues were long, but the veggie burgers we got were so good that they were worth waiting for!

StreatHelsinkiStreat Helsinki Streat Helsinki StreatHelsinkiStreat HelsinkiStreatHelsinki StreatHelsinki


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