Polar bears and a beast at Katajanokka


There are postcards of Helsinki with polar bears on them, and there actually are a couple of polar bears in Helsinki. They are standing on the rooftop of one of the National Romantic buildings at Katajanokka. The Jugend buildings at Katajanokka are really full of gorgeous details (read more on my former post Haunting National Romantic treasures) and to see them all you’ll have to do is to raise your eyes towards the sky and go through the whole facade. Too often we adults are in such a hurry that we miss the beauty around us, meanwhile kids tend have good eye for details and discover all the wonders around them. I recommend to all of you to pick up a take away coffee from Johan & Nyström and have a walk around Katajanokka to enjoy the beautiful architecture of the area.

Jugend at Katajanokka

The only polar bears in town

Jugend at Katajanokka

Build in year 1897

Jugend at Katajanokka

This owl has become a symbol of Katajanokka society

Jugend at Katajanokka

Snakes, beasts and waterlilies

Jugend at Katajanokka

The beast


  1. I love Katajanokka! Thanks for sharing your photo’s!

    And if you would like to learn more about Helsinki and Art Nouveau: join me on my Journey into getting to know Art Nouveau at http://aboutartnouveau.wordpress.com/

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