Finnish babies are born with a box

Maternity package

Or to be honest, the box arrives before the baby.

For 76 years expectant mothers in Finland have received a box with baby clothing, sheets and other products that one needs to take care of a new born baby. It is really emotional moment to go to the postal office to pick up the maternity package, and opening the box feels like Christmas. The box includes over 50 different items: 6 bodysuits, 4 romper suits, 4 leggings, 4 caps, 1 wool-mix suite, 1 sleeping bag, 1 snowsuit, 1 bath towel, a toothbrush, nail scissors, cream, etc. The design of the products change every second year, so especially during the winter it is easy to know when the baby was born just by looking at the snowsuit he/she is wearing. The clothes in the package are neutral-coloured so they suite for boys and girls.

Last year BBC made a great article on the box called Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes. In fact it is a tradition that babies sleep inside the box for the first three months (or until they fit in it), and the box includes a mattress. BBC’s article made our maternity package famous also abroad and especially in the UK. In fact when the new king, son of William and Kate, was born he was given the same maternity package that we received before our baby was born. So today Prince George of Cambrigde might be wearing the same clothes and reading the same book as our little one (only in Finnish and Swedish tough).

Maternitybox_3Maternity packageMaternity packageMaternity packageMaternity package



  1. Our first child was born in Finland, and it was great to receive the maternity package. Well done Finland.

  2. That is a neat tradition! Who sends the box? Is it the country? I wish the U.S. did something like that! Thanks for sharing, I am a new mom to a 6 month old and found that to be a very cool tradition!

    • Congrats for your baby! It’s great to be a mum, isn’t it? 🙂
      The box is send by the government. You can choose between the maternity package and a bit over 100 €, but the package is definitely worth for more than that.

  3. What a wonderful gift.

  4. Susana

    So nice… As many other things in Finland

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