Toys, coffee and cake at Suomenlinna

Ferry ride to Suomenlinna


Suomenlinna maritime fortress is one of my favorite destinations in Helsinki. Immediately when the ferry leaves from the Market Square, I enter into a different mode – the sea breeze wakes me up and makes me feel happy and alive. Also my three year old enjoyed the ride watching the passing boats, birds and islands and making a lot (I mean a lot) of questions. I have to say it is a challenge to explain to a small child why the fortress was built, why the Swedes needed a fortress to protect their kingdom against the Russian expansion on the Baltic Sea back in the 1700’s.

Suomenlinna Toy Museum

This time the main reason for our little trip wasn’t the fortress itself, but the Suomenlinna Toy Museum locating in one of the main fortress islands. As I mentioned before in one of my earlier writings, it is a beautiful and nostalgic place definitely worth visiting (see the article here). What’s best is that in the same pretty wooden building you can admire gorgeous old toys, have a cup of good coffee (definitely the best coffee on the fortress!) together with perfect chocolate cake and buy some cards and toys with vintage feeling. Also my three year old enjoyed our visit, the tasty cinnamon bun (korvapuusti in Finnish) and counting all the toy cats of the museum. This time the old Moomin trolls caught my eye – I just love their scruffy look.

Suokki_1 Suokki_2Moomins at Suomenlinna Toy Museum

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