Discovering Tampere


Tammerkoski rapids

I like to travel, or better I love to travel. At the moment we have so much going on that there is no time for any longer trip, but you can always do a little weekend getaway. So last weekend we travelled to Tampere with the whole family to celebrate my darlings birthday (it was my gift trip for him). Traveling in train is so easy with kids, as in the intercity trains there is a nice playroom where our three year old payed with other kids and found some books to read. Staying in a hotel instead is a bit harder at the moment as our baby tends to wake up every morning at 5 am. This time the joyous yelling waked all of us up, but hey, it was just one night.

Tampere is an old industrial city thanks to the Tammerkoski rapids that form an important power source. Still today the city center spreads around the rapids: there is the old Finlayson district, market square where on Sunday was organised a big trunk flea market  (I made some great discoveries!) and on the other shore our  three year olds favorite spot, Pikku Kakkonen playground. Also cosy café Runo filled with books in a vintage atmosphere and delicious vegetarian restaurant Gopal are located nearby. The main reason for our visit was the extensive Andy Warhol exhibition at Sara Hildén Art Museum. When we got there our firstborn was SO very tired that even the pink cows didn’t help, so I cannot say that I saw the whole exhibition, but who cares. The main thing is to go, see, travel and do nice things, and when you feel tired get a taxi back to the hotel! On Sunday we headed to Design Market which was a great place for all of us – we found some treasures for the kids and our three year old enjoyed drawing meanwhile it was snowing outdoors. Towards the end of the summer (or when our firstborn is 105 cm tall) we could go to Tampere again to visit Särkänniemi adventure park so that our three year old could have a ride on a merry-go-round and the Moominvalley at Tampere Art Museum.

And I would love to find a place with really good coffee. That is the only thing I missed during our lovely weekend getaway. Good tips anyone?


Industrial Tampere


Sunday trunk flea market


Andy Warhol exhibition at Sara Hildén Art Museum


Hail storm


Charming and cosy Café Runo


Café La Famille


  1. Anh

    Lovely photos and nice review. I think these are pretty enough for one day visit to Tampere?

  2. nice clicks and documentation!!

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