Freese The Exhibitionists – Töölö’s top two cafés

There are two excellent, tiny cafés at Töölö: café Freese and The Exhibitionists. They are both good reasons to head to Töölö but also places that help you to make the most out of your visit at Taidehalli or National Museum (at least for me a cup of great coffee forms a crucial part of a successful museum visit!).

Freese by Freese at Freese Street

Freese Coffee Co. is owned by Kalle Freese and located at Freesenkatu (Freese Street). The street was named after poet Jacob Freese, forefather of the owner, what explains the convenient coincidence in names. Kalle Freese is a 22-years old coffee fanatic, who has won several barista competitions, and he certainly takes coffee seriously. I overheard a conversation he had with one of his customers; they talked about the different kind of coffee beans, when each kind is at their best etc. So this is the place to go if you are a true coffee geek. I cannot have a long conversation on different types or roasts of coffee, but I can guarantee that coffee at Freese tastes good. The only minus of the place is that they don’t have much else than coffee. The very first time I went there my three year old was so disappointed as they had no juice for him. Café FreeseCafé Freese

Love for beauty and coffee at the Exhibitionists

The Exhibitionists is a combination of art, graphic design, books, coffee and home made food. Everything is done with love, and tastes and looks good. The place is owned by the cutest couple ever – Yuki Miyagi and Grégoire Thomas. They both used to work as art directors, and you can definitely say that they have eye for beauty. The place has relaxed and international atmosphere as Yuki’s origins are in Japan and Grégoire comes from France. It seems that I’m always hungry, so I truly enjoyed my tasty and fresh goat cheese toast. But what is the most important to me is that the coffee was good!

ps. Follow their Facebook page to find out what is on their daily changing menu!

The Exhibitionists The Exhibitionists The Exhibitionists, in good company


  1. I love Helsinki and am so happy to find your blog and all your recommendations!

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