I had a good Flow!

This is my Flow festival 2014 in pictures. I had a ticket only for Saturday, but to make the most out of it, I started the day already at 3 pm with Astrid Swan’s great gig. And oh, she sounded amazing and looked gorgeous with a garland on her head! The day’s best boogie was offered by powerful Neneh Cherry. She moves like twenty year old girl even though she is already 50 years old.

For me Flow festival is not only about music, but also about friends, tasty food, good coffee, dancing, laughing, nice cocktails… It is the whole package that starts from the moment you leave home by bike and ends when you arrive back at home smiling happily, singing some song and riding your bike that you picked up from the huge bike parking area.

If you want to know more on Flow check my previous writings Flow festival – the place to be and Go with the Flow! Read more also on Forbes and The Guardian where it was ranked among ten of the best small music festivals in Europe.

Flow 2014 Astrid Swan

Astrid Swan

Flow 2014

A festival where you get coffee from your favorite cafeteria cannot be bad. Sävy’s latte and a couple of macaroons = a perfect coffee break!

Flow 2014 Neneh Cherry

Neneh Cherry offered Saturday’s best moves and dancing. Loved her show!

Flow 2014 Flow 2014 Flow 2014

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  1. Looks like so much fun.

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