Music containers at Kalasatama


Old containers, asphalt, graffitis, sea, coal piles, cranes – and music. Yesterday 30th of August Solitifest was arranged at Container Square in Kalasatama area. Solitifest is a small indie festival organised by Helsinki based record label, Soliti. We headed there to celebrate our friend’s birthday with a glass of bubbly and Sacher cake, and to enjoy the urban atmosphere.


I love the Kalasatama area. It is an old harbour area that used to be in industrial use, but today it is a huge worksite, as – little by little – by 2030 it will turn out to be a new residential district. Meanwhile, it houses different activities such as a lovely summer café Ihana, urban gardening bags (read more in my previous blogpost Urban culture at Kalasatama) and music events. The Container Square is administrated by Bermuda Helsinki that offers the opportunity to organise independent, grassroots cultural events in Kalasatama. All the events are free-of-charge, not-for-profit, non-political, for all ages and open to all – dogs included.


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