A dream come true: a kiosk full of Salmiakki!

Salmiakki kiosk

At Töölö there is a salty visor kiosk. (Unfortunately the kiosk wont continue to sell salmiakki anymore in the summer 2015.) The prices are not salty, but the selling products are, as the only sold item is salmiakki, salty liquorice. It is something that I simply cannot resist. I miss it when I’m abroad and when I used to live out of Finland my parents kept sending me every once in a while packages of salmiakki (thank you mum and dad!). And this yellow visor kiosk sells salmiakki in different forms also from small manufacturers – my dream come true! Their speciality is salmiakki coffee, but I have to admit that I prefer to keep my salmiakki separate from my coffee.

Salmiakkikioski at Runeberginkatu 43

Salmiakki kiosk Salmiakki kiosk Salmiakki kiosk


  1. And it comes with free wifi. 🙂 I have not tasted this liquorice. Perhaps I would like it better than the sweet kind.

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