Hotel Manta of Helsinki – bronze lady in bed

Havis Amanda

Havis Amanda, the beloved statue and symbol of Helsinki is playing hide and seek. It is hidden into a hotel room for a couple of months until 12th of October 2014. This temporary one room hotel called Hotel Manta of Helsinki is a project of Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi and part of Helsinki Festival’s programme.

I wasn’t lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend a night in this unique hotel, but last Saturday my baby had just fallen asleep in buggy when I past the hotel, so I decided to pay a visit and have a close look to the beautiful maiden of Havis Amanda. She is already over 100 years old but still looks so fresh and pretty. Back in 1908 when the statue was revealed to public she caused a huge scandal as she is naked and – ah, so sensual. And there she was, standing right in the middle of a double bed. I’m sure that the sculptor Ville Vallgren could not have ever guessed that she would end up there! I loved being able to see her face so clearly – those big lips and dreamy eyes.

Havis Amanda Havis Amanda

Havis Amanda

The view from the room Havis AmandaThat black box at the back is the Hotel Manta of Helsinki. Great locations, beautiful company and good views.

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