Bear hunting in Helsinki

Helsinki is a city full of bears. They are all over us, but still often we pass them without noticing them.

Bear is the biggest carnivorous animal in Finland and definitely considered as the king of our wide forests. Before bears were considered to be mythical creatures: people were afraid of them and venerated them. It was prohibited to say their name, karhu in Finnish, in vain, so people invented different ways to call them, names like otso, mesikämmen, kontio, metsän kuningas (=king of the forest) and kouvo. Still today after a successful bear hunting, the hunters organise a feast in honour of the bear, that is called peijaiset.

Also I had a successful bear hunting experience here in Helsinki, in Museokatu (= museum street) at the district of Töölö. And as supposed to, I celebrated the catches with a cup of good coffee at the Exhibitionist café. Bear, National Museum This tender looking teddy guards the National Museum.Bear, Museokatu Bear, Museokatu Bear, Museokatu


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  1. Great Bear hunting!

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