Lux Helsinki brings light into the darkness

This is the darkest time of the year. With the right attitude and lightning darkness can be turned into something beautiful, exciting, inviting, cosy and safe. Lux Helsinki light festival is a perfect example of how the light is an opportunity for the dark season. This year the festival lasts for five days (tomorrow, 8th of January 2015, is the last day so you still have time to go and see the light artworks!) and during those days people leave their warm homes to rediscover the beauty of our wintry city. There are 17 different light artworks spread around the city centre. This year my personal favorite was the lantern park at Topelia where there are over 100 unique lanterns shaped of a dress, tent, wig, house, cloud or a flower and made of all the materials one can imagine from candies to wood and paper to hair. Go and see it yourself!

Lux Helsinki 2015 Lux Helsinki 2015 Lux Helsinki 2015 Lux Helsinki 2015



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    We went to see Lux Helsinki yesterday but the lights and sounds were a bit too exciting for my son so I couldn’t take pics. The words of the 3yo: “I think this is for adults”. There were, however, loads of kids too having fun. Anyway, Helsinkifeelings has captured the idea and today is the last day to have an evening walk experiencing light art in the city centre.

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