My top 3 lunch places in Kamppi

I started to work again in January 2015 after a year spent at home with my children, and I have (re)discovered the luxury of eating lunch out, in peace – meaning without being alert all the time in case someone might snatch your fork or fall down from the high chair. My working place is located in Kamppi, right in the centre of Helsinki, and these are my top 3 lunch places from the neighborhood.


1. OmNam

Annankatu 29 B

I am a pescatarian, so I appreciate good vegetarian food and OmNam is the place to go! Their salad buffet is so delicious that I often just take that, but also their warm meals and dose pancakes are worth trying. They use seasonal and locally produced ingredients, what I really appreciate. Even though the restaurant is a bit hidden, located in an inner yard, people have found it well and the place has become very popular. So if you don’t want to wait for a free table avoid the rush hour that is between 11.30 and 12.30. 


2. Putte’s

Kalevankatu 6

Putte’s offers the best pizza in town! They have great lunch offer that includes a pizza Margherita and a vast salad buffet with tasty salads, grilled vegetables, tofu, fresh melons, etc. The place has relaxed atmosphere, funky pieces of art, tempting smell of pizza (every time I decide just to take the salad buffet, I end up eating pizza) and excellent service.


3. Kuppi ja Muffini

Kalevankatu 17

One salmon avocado sandwich and a soft smoothie please, and I’m in heaven. Kuppi ja Muffini (in English “a cup and a muffin”) bakes their own bread with dried fruits, and it is too good, better than candy. Also salads are fresh and tasty, and – above all –they come with a slice of the heavenly bread. And as the name of the place reveals, they have a wide selection of home made muffins, big ones and cutest little baby muffins.

Lunch Kuppi ja Muffini



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