Recipe for a perfect Sunday

Today I had a perfect Sunday. One of those Sundays when you don’t need to hurry anywhere, you are in a good company, coffee is good and you can just wonder around the city, pop into galleries and let your mind wander.My parents took our kids for a sleepover and we had the whole day time to relax.

There are several great art galleries in Helsinki and today we visited four of them: one of the big and traditional ones called Galerie Forsblom with Bjarne Melgaard’s naughty and colorful Moomins and Ola Kolehmainen’s beautiful photos; Helsinki Contemporary with Ville Andersson’s black and white photographs and paintings; tiny Lokal that is made of 72 % art and 28 % coffee where the current exhibition shows the tame and cute wild animals of Helsinki and a bit more alternative gallery called Sinne with big installations and video screenings.

IMG_3753 IMG_3757 IMG_3763 IMG_3762 By accident we came across an antique and design market at Fredrikintori that was organized for the very first time this Sunday, and from now on it will be there two Sundays in a month. For lunch we had vegetarian burgers at Ravintola Tori that was packed of people (locals and Japanes tourists) as always enjoying Tori’s simple and casual food. After lunch we ran into a cutest little café florist shop called Andante where we hadn’t been before. It was a perfect oasis to enjoy a cup of good coffee and a tasty matcha latte together with lingonberry mud cake. The owners are a Japanese couple and they have decorated the place with flowers and old Arabia cups. A place to remember and revisit!
IMG_3774 IMG_3793IMG_3801To end our day, we went to Taidehalli to have a look at the Guggenheim Helsinki Now, a free exhibition that reveals to the public for the first time the final designs submitted by the six shortlisted teams in the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition. My personal favorite was “Art in the city”. I’m personally pro art, including building a Guggenheim museum in Helsinki, and I’m curious to see how the story will end. IMG_3811IMG_3806


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