Eventful Helsinki

Summer is definitely coming! It is easy to notice, thanks to the huge amount of events that are organized all over Helsinki, and to the warming weather. This weekend Helsinki turned the festival mode on: on Thursday the flowering cherry trees were celebrated in a big Hanami at Roihuvuori, Saturday 16th of May  was not only Restaurant Day with almost 2 500 one-day restaurants in 34 different countries but also the day for Arabia Street Festival, Abattoir’s Summer kick-off and Vallila’s annual flea markets, just to mention some of the events that make Helsinki even more lovable.

Hanami – celebration of the pink blossoms

At Roihuvuori in the Eastern Helsinki there is a Japanese style garden with cherry trees. Every spring a traditional Hanami, “flower viewing”, is celebrated and the popularity of this Japanese festival has grown a lot. The protagonists are the cherry blossoms, but also dressing up as geisha or in a manga costume is a popular way to participate to the festivities. For us it was a great excuse to see friends and spend the day outdoors having a picnic. Hanami_2015_1Hanami_2015_2Hanami_2015_3

Art in the streets of Arabia

The Arabia Street Festival is all about street art and recycling. The locals sell their old clothes and other used goods that fill up their closets and attics, and it is a great place to find good used children’s cloths with reasonable prices. Arabia is a residential district in Helsinki highly popular among families with children and known for the Arabia factory that gives an artistic label to the whole area. On Satuday the main street was emptiet of cars and packed of people selling and buying, making street art including a huge mural, circus performances, singing… even our own Black Superman was there!

Arabia_Street_festival_1 Arabia_Street_festival_2Arabia_Street_Festival_5
Restaurant Day turned 4!

Restaurant Day has become already a well known concept here in Helsinki, warmly welcomed and waited by the locals and by the tourists. These little fellows sold sweet and salty pastries (baked by their mums probably) to collect money for they football team. Too cute to resist.


Tips for the next weekend

More events to come! Next weekend exotic sounds fill the Kaisaniemi park as the World Village Festival is organized for the 16th time in 23.-24.5.2015. On Saturday 23th you may also go for treasure hunting as it is Cleaning Day, when the whole city turns into a one big flea market, or if you look for something new with an original design twist check out Design District Market at Diana park.

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