HelsinkiFeelings and new restaurants in Instagram

There are many things that I love, and Helsinki, coffee, eating lunch out and taking pictures are just few of them. I decided to create an Instagram account for my blog, @helsinkifeelings, to be able to share more easily my passions with others.

Here are pictures from 3 restaurants where I have recently had wonderful lunch.

Café Birgitta

1. Birgitta

On a stormy day after a heavy rain, I head to café Birgitta for the very first time. Birgitta is a new seaside café with a big terrace opened last year and presenting beautiful wood architecture. The wind was so hard that for a while I wasn’t sure if I would make it there or not, but it was definitely worth it. Once arrived, I was in heaven. The big windows were closed so you could see the sea and hear the howling wind, but inside it was warm and cosy, the food was good and so was the coffee.


Restaurant Juuri

2. Juuri

Restaurant Juuri is already a institution in Helsinki. It is a place where I take my friends from abroad to eat whenever they come for a visit, as it offers excellent Finnish food based on fresh and wild local food. The food is made of traditional ingredients with a modern twist. Their very own speciality are the “sapas” = Suomi tapas.


Il Birrificio

3. Il Birrificio

Il Birrificio is a brand new place, opened just a bit over a month ago. It is the brother of La Torrefazione and Il Fratello, places known for the excellent coffee their serve. But in Il Birrificio you don’t only get perfect coffee and tasty food, but also beer. Il Birrificio is Italian and it stays for brewery, and they actually make their own beer. The very first one should be ready for the Midsummer.

Il Birrificio

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