Midsummer in Kumpula allotment garden

Midsummer in the city – threat or opportunity? Traditionally people leave the cities and spend the midsummer in their summer cottages and the cities turn into ghost towns, but not anymore. I have spend many midsummers in Helsinki, and nowadays the city has more and more to offer: there are several bonfires around the city, some bars are open and We love Helsinki organizes a lovely dance party.

We live in Käpylä and right next to our home there is Kumpula allotment garden where people gather to celebrate midsummer together. There is live music, horse carriage, pancakes, competitions and most of all – a big bonfire. The access is free of charge, kids are well taken in consideration and the atmosphere is cosy. You recognize half of the people – they are the same who you have seen around the sandbox in the local playground. For me the midsummer is made of traditional Finnish music from the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s (old tangos, Olavi Virta’s songs, etc.); the smell of birch trees, roses and lilacs; bonfires and the white nights. Check! All of these experienced yesterday.

Siirtolapuutarha_Midsummer_4 Siirtolapuutarha_Midsummer_3 Siirtolapuutarha_Midsummer_2Midsummer horse and carriage Siirtolapuutarha_Midsummer_8 Siirtolapuutarha_Midsummer_6 Siirtolapuutarha_Midsummer_5 Siirtolapuutarha_Midsummer_7



  1. I didn’t know they celebrated there as well, sounds like a lovely option if we one year don’t runaway to the summerhouse!

    • I think the different ways to celebrate midsummer in the city are still unknown to many, but there are more and more good options to get into the midsummer mood.

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