Foggy Sunday in Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna fog The sea is full of surprises. Two weeks ago on a sunny Sunday we decided to enjoy the good weather and head to Suomenlinna, my beloved fortress islands. With a group of friends we admired the sparkling sea during the ferry ride to the islands. Suddenly while enjoying delicious lunch at Valimo, the sun disappeared as an intense wall of fog swallowed the whole fortress little by little, bite by bite. But the fog made the islands look mystic and magical – hiding some parts and discovering others.

We stayed on the islands whole day, and so did the fog too. We had good coffee and delicious cake together at the lovely terrace of Samovarbar, the Suomenlinna Toy Museum‘s café. We played together at the playground. And the fog accompanied us all the way back to the market square where the sun had been waiting all day. At Suomenlinna jacket was needed the whole day, but still in the evening at home, when I looked to the mirror I saw a red face looking at me. Suomenlinna fog Suomenlinna fog Suomenlinna fogSuomenlinna fogSuomenlinna fog


  1. Alexander Popkov

    Looks nice! Really fresh. I like going to Suomenlinna right after rain or in such foggy weather.

    • Yes, it was really beautiful! Suomenlinna is definitely one of my favorite places in Helsinki. Have you been there during the winter, Alexander? It is amazing also when it’s cold and the frost and snow covers the granite walls.

      • Alexander Popkov

        Hi! Yes 🙂 We were clever enough to go to Suomenlinna when it was -30. That was…. fun.
        But yes. I was there in normal winter as well. All things look very pretty. For sure will visit it again in winter.

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