Linnanmäki fun to benefit of children


Having fun is goof for all of us! One place to do it in Helsinki is at Linnanmäki amusement park. Linnanmäki is the oldest amusement park in Helsinki, opened two years before the summer olympics in 1952, and it is owned by Childer’s Day Foundation, so all the money collected funds for Finnish child welfare work. I love the atmosphere at the park, the colorful rides and games, the traditional music of the merry-go-round and the joy on the children’s (and many adult’s) faces. Instead, I hate to go to the rides, but I’m happy to be the one who stays down, takes pictures and who’s waved at. Today the entrance to the park is free and there are also several rides that are suitable for small children free of charge. My son is already hooked, and he is definitely going to be a good customer in the future.

There is one game that I love, and I have to play it every time: Derby. One round costs 2 € and the idea is to roll balls into wholes to make your horse advance and to be the first one to cross the finnish line. I’m one of those funny women who celebrate the victory fiercely by dancing.
Linnanmäki Linnanmäki Linnanmäki Derby


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