Café Siili, the café Käpylä has been dreaming of

Kahvila Siili

There is a new café in town! It is called Kahvila Siili (café hedgehog) and it is located in the stone foundation of a little wooden house in the middle of the Wooden Käpylä. We have always talked with my friends and neighbors that there should be a little, pretty café in the area, that would turn Käpylä into a perfect destination for a Sunday walk. And now we have it!
Kahvila Siili

Kahvila Siili is tiny, beautifully decorated and what’s the most important thing is that it offers excellent coffee, cakes and brunch. The owners of the café are Jyri Engeström and Caterina Fake. Engenström is a well known social media pioneer and businessman, and so is Fake, who is among other things one of the founders of Flickr. But the guy behind the coffee itself is Kalle Freese, who is the Finnish Barista Champ 2013 and 2015. You can see that the owners have really put their heart into this summer café, named after the little creature living in the garden. Since the beginning of August the café opens its doors an hour before being open Mon-Sat 10-20 and Sun 10-18, so you can get your morning coffee to go and enjoy it while your kids play in the playground nearby. In fact, the only negative thing about the café is that it is open only during the summer.

Kahvila Siili

Kahvila Siili’s brunch was delicious, very fresh and original. The place is also child and dog friendly offering chalks and bubbles for kids to play with and water and biscuits for dogs. I’m in love. Check out also some pics at my helsinkifeelings Instagram account.

Kahvila Siili


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