Flow 2015 in my mind

FLow Festival 2015

Ups, I almost forgot to post any pics from Flow festival! But here they are, finally. Flow is the one and only festival that I don’t want to miss. It is a three day event to enjoy great music, delicious vegetarian street food, high class coffee and the company of my dear friends…and the beauty of the festival area that is every year decorated with pieces of art and illuminated in a way that makes the place magical. This year the area was greener than before with plant and flower decorations.

This summer I had a flu during the whole August, so I had to take it easy. My favorite stage in Flow turned out to be the Bright Balloon 360′ stage where the atmosphere is intimate, you can sit down and feel the music, the sun and the summer breeze. I loved the gigs of Lännen-Jukka, Reino Nordin, Seinabo Sey and Natalie Prass. They all are very different but all functioned well in this round stage where it is easy to create a connection between the artist and the audience.

FLow Festival 2015 FLow Festival 2015 FLow Festival 2015 FLow Festival 2015

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