Herring, herring, herring – and some salmon soup

Herring market 2015

Helsinki Baltic Herring Market 2015 is here! The city’s oldest ongoing event has got some new groove this year. There is a big festival tent were is organized program for kids, for herring lovers and even for those who just want to swing and sweat in their sweatshirts or traditional Norvegian pullovers in tomorrows Market Square Dance.

Herring market 2015Today during lunch time I head to Market Square to enjoy the sunny but cold weather and the atmosphere at the market. I was so happy to see so many people there – people of all ages – it seems that today there is a positive trend to participate in different events taking place in the city. Warm fish soup tastes so good, when you eat it on the deck of an old wooden sailing ship with your sunglasses on.  Herring market 2015The atmosphere was warm even though the weather was chilly. Young guys are little by little taking over on the fishing boats, and I have to admit that there were a couple of great vendors, who knew how to take their audience. I left the market with mustard herring and black bread in my bag and a huge smile on my face.
Herring market 2015Herring market 2015

Herring market 2015

Herring market 2015

Herring market 2015

Check out also my instagram account for tips where to buy herring!

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