Carnival of Light and Colours


Autumn in Helsinki stays for autumn foliage and colours, wooly socks, dark evenings and red wine. This autumn has been so very beautiful; I have enjoyed biking to work in the morning and to see the first rays of sun light up the Töölö bay. My kids love to play with dry leaves – to make piles of them and then to jump in them. Yesterday evening we went to Linnanmäki’s Carnival of Light to celebrate the autumn; the dark but not yet so cold evenings and the autumn colours. For one week Linnanmäki amusement park stays open in October and the whole park is lit up with colorful lights. Most of the rides are open, there is live music and even cotton candy sticks glow.

One of the specialities of Finland is the light: the long summer days and white nights, the yellow autumn sun and the cold winter light. Equally important is the lack of natural light, and I think that it is really important to make the most out of it. The Carnival of Light at Linnanmäki is one great example of how to enjoy darkness – it can actually be really exiting and fun! Little by little I’m preparing myself for winter; my winter lights and candles are ready. Carnival_of_light_Linnanmäki_2 Carnival_of_light_Linnanmäki_4 Carnival_of_light_Linnanmäki_5 Carnival_of_light_Linnanmäki_1

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