Cemetery dressed up for autumn


One of the most beautiful places to go for a walk in Helsinki is the Hietaniemi Cemetery. The cemetery is located in Töölö district right by the sea (actually the most popular sand beach in town is just next to it!). It was founded in early 1800s and it is the final resting place of many well known Finns including most of the presidents and several famous artists. Today it is also home of friendly squirrels who check out if the visitors have remembered to bring some nuts or seeds for them.

Last Saturday was the All Saints Day so I head to Hietaniemi to light candles on my grandparents grave. I also remembered the charming little fellow living in the area and took some sunflower seeds for them, some coffee for me and my mum and some fruits for my daughter. We had a lovely morning walk in the cemetery that was dressed up in gorgeous autumn colours. It must have been extremely beautiful also in the evening after the sunset with thousands of candles lighting up the place! hietaniemi_cemetery_2 hietaniemi_cemetery_3 hietaniemi_cemetery_4 hietaniemi_cemetery_5

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