Christmas spirit in Helsinki


Helsinki is a real Christmas city! The preparations start at the end of november when suddenly all the Christmas lights are turned on and the dark evenings doesn’t seem so dark anymore. I’m a Christmas person, it is my medicine for the dark and gloomy november. I love to prepare Christmas gifts, to send Christmas cards and decorate my home for the holidays. My biggest source of inspiration are all the Christmas markets where local designers and handicrafts sell their own products; everything from traditional woolly socks to modern reflectors, unique jewelry and pieces of art; and from “karjalanpiirakka” pastries and to ginger bread houses and “glögi” our own gluhwein.

The most traditional Christmas Market can be find in the old city centre, in Senate Square. There is a charming old fashioned carousel in the middle of the square, that gives Christmas spirit to everyone free of charge. This year the selling booths where painted in adorable pastel colours that fit perfectly to the surrounding buildings. I think that even Carl Ludvig Engel, the architect who carefully designed the whole square would have been happy. Christmas2015_2


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