Epiphany in enchanting Suomenlinna


Freezing cold weather (-20 celsius), sun and unfrozen sea make magic! Today we celebrated Epiphany, that is a public holiday in Finland, and there was a special programme for the occasion in Suomenlinna, so we just had to go there as the weather conditions were also perfect. And in fact, everything looked so beautiful with the fog rising from the sea and surrounding the islands with mystery and painting the trees with white frost.  We head for delicious cakes and korvapuusti (cinnamon rolls) to the Café Samovarbar and visited the charming Toy Museum, that has became so dear to me during the past 30 years. My older one had fun watching a performance by park constables Maltti and Valtti from the children’s TV series Pikku Kakkonen, that was part of the LopUp Epihany event. And no, we didn’t freeze to death, as we had so many layers on, instead we all enjoyed the amount of snow and the surrounding beautiful spectacle offered by the nature. 
Suomenlinna2016_11 Suomenlinna2016_15 Suomenlinna2016_13 Suomenlinna2016_16Suomenlinna2016_5 Suomenlinna2016_6 Suomenlinna2016_7Suomenlinna2016_1


  1. I can certainly feel the crisp chill in your photos. Love the one with the steam rising off the water.. with a glimpse of frozen civilization just beyond.

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