Street art in Myyr York

MyyrYork_3Art can make our life better. A real life example of that is the area of Myyrmäki, alias Myyr York, where colourful murals have turned the old grey and intimidating railway station into a comfortable area where you catch your train with a smile on your face. The cute murals indoors with amazing tone harmony have been done by a team called MulticolouredDreams and the huge one outdoors by a Chilean group UnKolorDistinto that happened to been in the right place at the right time.

If you head into Myyr York have a look to the graffiti walls in the area as well, as the local students and artists have made the underpasses into inspiring pieces of art. Check out the Myyr York Street Art Gallery map! The local art museum presents also street art, and was recently renamed Artsi. Next weekend is their grand opening – so don’t miss it! And all of this is free of charge – even the museum visit. 
MyyrYork_2 MyyrYork_1
MyyrYork_4 MyyrYork_6 MyyrYork_5


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