Sohlberg home museum – real size dollhouse

Helsinki is a dream city for museum lovers. There are around 60 museums in Helsinki, and my strong intention is to visit all of them. Yesterday I visited for the very first time Päivikki and Sakari Sohlberg’s home museum, a gorgeous culture home in Katajanokka, in Kauppiaankatu 11. Inside their home I felt like Alice in a dollhouse.

This beautiful bourgeois home was once a home of Päivikki Tulenheimo-Sohlberg and Sakari Sohlberg, who were married for almost 50 years. They both had studied law and came from wealthy families. Sakari Sohlberg was justice of the supreme court, and his wife Päivikki Tulenheimo-Sohlberg referendary counsellor. Together they created an interesting collection of art – and of tiny toy cars, spaniel figurines and national costume dolls.  They had no children, but loved their two cocker spaniels, and dedicated their lives for work, traveling, art and active social life. It was their own wish to turn their home into a museum after their death.

The building itself dates back to 1905, and the house is full of national romantic decorations and furnitures, the massive tiled stoves are the best examples of Finnish Jugend. The oldest items though are from the early 1800’s as the couple also inherited several items from their parents. There are also pieces of art of well know Finnish artists such as Albert Edelfelt, Pekka Halonen and Antti Favén.

I could have spent hours in the home full of historical layers, stories and small details that catch your eye. The museum is open to public every Monday. There are two guided tours, one at 3.30 pm and another at 5pm. 

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