Art for the whole family at Kiasma


Art is a way of relaxation for me – I have been going to museums and galleries since child and drawing and painting are two things that I love to do. You forget the time when you concentrate on art. Now with my own kids we keep doing the same things as before – I have no idea how many times and in how many museums my children have been. One of our favorites is Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, as it has always something to offer for all of us.

The current exhibitions of Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto and Korean Choi Jeong Hwa attracted all of us, including our two year old. The huge flowers on second floor that “breath” can be seen also from outside and the toddler feel immediately in love with them, admiring them for a long time. Also the walk through Choi Jeong Hwa’s colourful and beautiful installation made out of plastic pots, buckets and vases was something that my two year old enjoyed, especially as the material used for the installation is recognizable.

The fourth floor is turned into a home of hippie vagabonds by Ernesto Neto. He has used the technique of crochet to create comfortable places where to relax and let your spirit wonder free. Two things that we adults of today tend to forget to do.

Both exhibitions are on display until September, so go and take your moment to breath and be inspired.
Kiasma2016_2 Kiasma2016_4 Kiasma2016_5 Kiasma2016_6 Kiasma2016_8 Kiasma2016_9 Kiasma2016_10

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