Day trip to Sipoonkorpi to breath the nature


Helsinki is a wonderful place – this is my completely subjective opinion – and one of the many things that makes it so great is the location. Helsinki is located in between East and West, almost in the middle of the  coast on the Gulf of Finland, and there are so many lovely places within a short distance. I created a new category dedicated to those places called “Day trips from HEL” (the shortage of the Helsinki airport is HEL).

The first place that I’m going to represent you is the national park of Sipoonkorpi. We Finns have an urge to breath the nature and listen to the silence every now and then, and the best season to do that is in autumn when the forest offers you a place to think and calm down… and the huge satisfaction of finding golden, blue or red treasures.  In autumn the forests are full of bilberries, lingon berries and different kind of eatable mushrooms. In Sipoonkorpi there are several marked routes and fire places, but otherwise it is completely wild natural park. Before picking any berries or mushrooms make sure that you know what you are picking – I personally pick only chanterelles, Craterellus tubaeformis and Boletaceae mushrooms ! If you feel like going into the woods, but would like to have someone to guide you, contact Sipoonkorven luontoyrittäjät ry.
sipoonkorpi_1 sipoonkorpi_2 sipoonkorpi_3 sipoonkorpi_5

Lingon berries and bilberries. My freezer is full of lingon berries thanks to my lovely mother in law.



  1. Beautiful. And yum! During my layover last month (I missed going to Loyly), my friend in Helsinki fed me a scrumptious breakfast topped with lingonberries 😉 So much nature to explore, thanks for sharing!

    • Kiitos! You just decided to leave Löyly for your next visit 😉 And yes, there are so many delicious things to discover in Finland from lingonberries to salmiakki.

  2. Great post and beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. Sipoonkorpi has been on my list for many years already, hoping to get a chance to visit before autumn foliage is totally over.

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