Allas Sea Pool – swimming in the heart of Helsinki


This year, 2016, has been a real celebration of the Finnish sauna culture in Helsinki. First in March was organized the very first Helsinki Sauna Day (don’t miss the next one in October 29th!), a day when private saunas opened their doors for free and both locals and visitors alike had an opportunity to try really unique saunas. Then in May, new design sauna Löyly opened it’s doors becoming immediately a centre of attention not only in Helsinki but also abroad. Finally in the first days of September also the construction of Allas Sea Pool was finished and the first ones were able have a swim in heart of Helsinki, next to the Market Square right in front of the Presidential Palace.

Allas Sea Pool offers three pools: two that are 27 celsius degrees warm and one sea water pool where the water is the same temperature as the surrounding sea. And wherever there is a swimming pool there is a sauna, this is the rule in Finland, not an exception. In the area there is also a restaurant, lovely terraces with great views and stage to organize concerts. Next summer the whole area will be finished when the permanent restaurant building is done. As Allas is open every day of the year, I’m dreaming of going there on Christmas for a swim with a wooly hat in my head (necessary if the temperature is low!).

allas_6 allas_1 allas_2


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