Conquering the towers of Helsinki: Kallio Church

I have a dream, a dream of conquering all the towers of Helsinki. Today I’m again one step closer to make that dream come true, as yesterday I had an unique opportunity to visit the tower of the Kallio church (1912).

The church is located in the heart of Kallio, on the top of the rock (=kallio in Finnish), at the Northen end of Unioninkatu – Helsinki’s longest straight street axis. This grey granite church was designed by Lars Sonck and it represents national romantic style from the early 1900’s. The church bells are located inside the tower, and they play a tune composed by, no one else than, Jean Sibelius. The bells are played at noon and six o’clock every day that makes the tune the most played composition of Sibelius.

The visit to the tower was a breath taking experience, and not only for the views. Inside the tower there is nothing else than the bells, which means that on the top you walk on wooden stairs and next to you is just a huge fall to nowhere. For someone like me who’s a bit afraid of heights it was a real challenge, but definitely worth taking it.

So far I have been on the top of Hotel Torni, Stadium Tower, in the dome of the Helsinki Cathedral and now also on the top of Kallio Church. I’m still dreaming of conquering the Railways station tower, the towers of the Erottaja fire station and the National Museum. It is good to have dreams, even small ones.

kallio_church_tower_3kallio_church_tower_7kallio_church_tower_1 kallio_church_tower_6kallio_church_tower_2kallio_church_tower_4



  1. I’ve also been to the Kallio church, they say it’s the best views of Helsinki up there 😍

    • The Kallio Church offers lovely views, definitely! But my favorite place so far has been the tower of the Helsinki Cathedral, even though you can’t get out on a balcony the views from the old and a bit dirty windows are just spectacular!

  2. Fantastic views from the top! Did you go on a private tour or is the tower open to the general public? Last summer I conquered the tower of Erottaja Fire Station, would also love to visit the tower of Central Railway Station, any tips on how to do that?

    • Thank you for your comment! I have been really lucky to be able to get into private tours to the towers that I have visited. I have never been on the top of the Erottaja Fire Station, so that will be the next one, I hope 🙂

  3. Nice shots! I especially love the one of the pedestrian walking across an empty plaza.. can’t wait for another visit to this city, I’ll follow your tracks 😉

  4. That’s a fun little but possible dream. I like to see the familiar streets from another angle

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