Lux Helsinki and freezing temperatures are back!

luxhelsinki_2017_02It is minus 17 celsius degrees, which feels like -25 c because of the wind. The sky is crystal clear and the houses in the centre of Helsinki are full of color. Lux Helsinki and freezing cold winter weather are here!

Lux Helsinki light festival is organized now for the ninth time, and it sure has come one of the highlights of the winter in Helsinki. Last year 500 000 people visited it, but today the streets were still rather calm thanks to the extremely chilly weather. But today 5.1.2017 was only the first day of the festival that goes on until 9.1.2017. This year’s route is really compact but still surprising. It concentrates in the old centre of Helsinki, around the Helsinki Cathedral. The route starts from the end of the Esplanadi park, goes by the seashore where the main buildings are illuminated to Stora Enso head quarters, then it returns back a bit to Kruununhaka’s little streets around the dome. My personal favorites are Maija Louekari’s “Veljekset”, “Flowers of Life” at Topelia, “Light pipes” and “The Singing Building”. Definitely have to go again with my kids during the weekend when the temperature should go up to – 2 to -4 celsius!


The city hall


Shader: “The Cube”


Outi Pieski: “Gorzi”


Maija Louekari: “Veljekset”


“Flowers of Life”


Mónica Ruiz Loyola: “Absence”


Rölli Ridanpää & Tero Laine: “Light Pipes”

luxhelsinki_2017_09Lucas Maassen: “The Singing Building”



  1. I loved the waterfalls on the Helsinki cathedral the most ❤

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