Eye on Töölö library


I was seven when I got my first library card. Today I use the “new” library card that I got at the age of 10 or 12, where my signature is still oh so very girlish and childish. During my life I have loaned hundreds if not thousands of books, CD’s and movies – in past years concentrating especially in lift-the-flap books, Moomins, Astrid Lingren’s every greens and Donald Ducks from the kids section. I have taught my kids to love libraries and spend hours there with me reading books and playing.

Last week I was so happy to visit for the first time the fully renovated Töölö library. This modern building was designed by Aarne Ervi in 1960’s and it opens beautifully to the park next to it with it’s huge windows and wide terraces. The gem of the building is the staircase in shape of an eye that makes you search for a bigger meaning – is there someone watching on us or are the books the ones that open our eyes to the world, to the present and to the past, and to the people around us? Who knows what did the architect have in his mind, but I still love to read and immerse into other worlds and times.  toolo_library_4 toolo_library_5 toolo_library_2 toolo_library_1

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  1. Wow, that’s a stunning library! I don’t really visit libraries anymore, as I’m more of a Kindle person these days. However, when I was a child, I went to the local library to read and listen to music on a daily basis.

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